Feature Your School

As a featured college or university, your page on majoringinwine.com:

  • Gives students, teachers, parents and other influencers a new avenue to discover your school in conjunction with scholarship, internship and job board information to attract a broad range of prospective students.
  • Allows potential students to fully interact and explore. Using audio and video and direct links to your specific wine school content, students can review your key information and request more as they decide which schools to pursue in greater depth. This is NOT a duplication of your own website. Majoringinwine.com is your partner in driving qualified students to your wine school, program, certification or degree.
  • Is quick and easy to prepare! Just send us the information and we create the page for you. Unlike print media or online magazines developed for print, your page is not a static, one-time promotion. There’s no additional charge for updating any aspect of your page as the information changes.
  • Positions you front and center with a place on the map, as well as a short listing with photo on the landing page linked to a full page of information to assist students in learning more about your features and benefits.
  • Includes a full year of participation at a far lower fee than traditional advertising provides. Plus, we promote your school and wine programs via social media updates and through other outreach.
  • Provides monthly analytics.

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