Interested in a Degree in International Wine Management?

Apr 5, 2021 | Business, Education, Hospitality, Marketing

Thanks to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Schools of Hotel and Tourism Management for submitting this guest blog. See their full profile here.

​With Hong Kong being a wine hub in Asia, combined with the growth of the wine market in Mainland China, the need for wine professionals with advanced, specialized training and education with a global perspective continues to grow. Students seeking higher degrees in this distinctive field are never satisfied with ordinary programs. They want extraordinary experiences that will help them advance in a rapidly changing industry, and cutting-edge exposure to the latest, most vital global trends.

Launched by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in close collaboration with the international wine industry, the Master of Science (MSc) in International Wine Management is designed to groom the next generation of global industry leaders.

Wine-classThis one-of-a-kind program is the SHTM’s answer to the pressing need for highly trained leaders who can leverage the regional boom in wine sales and appreciation. Delivered in Hong Kong—a key player in the vibrant international wine scene and closely connected to the rapidly expanding wine market in Mainland China—the program is delivering an advanced, specialized education with a global perspective to ambitious wine professionals.

Taught by leading academics and industry experts, including Masters of Wine Jeannie Cho Lee, Steve Charters, Debra Meiburg and Sarah Heller, the students are groomed into industry leaders, educators and researchers with deep understandings of the wine sector and how to advance it. The program is tailor-made for those who want to enjoy a virtually unlimited future in this fascinating, ever-evolving and increasingly specialized industry.

As students progress through the program they focus on academic studies, international and Mainland Chinese markets. They also have the opportunity to visit wine-growing regions throughout the world to learn about best practices in wine production, trade and management, to increase their international exposure and develop global networks.Study_Trip

The MSc in International Wine Management can be completed in one year and effectively prepares students to join the industry as professionals. As part of the SHTM’s focus on innovative responses to industry needs, the School is advancing careers and making substantial contributions to the industry.

A variety of scholarships and financial aid are offered to eligible students who demonstrate a high level of academic merit, exhibit strong involvement in extracurricular activities, and participate actively in community and charitable activities.

  • International Wine Management Scholarship
  • SHTM Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • SHTM Executive Development Scholarship
  • Drore Scholarship
  • Service Scholarship
  • Financial Support for Conference Attendance

Management Practice (paid internship) is also available to students who enrolled in the program.

Student Reflections

“My advice to all of you out there is that: try as many wines as you can while at the SHTM and in Hong Kong. Seize the opportunity to meet and learn from wine professionals during your study and at events held by the Food and Wine Academy. And the exchange program to Bordeaux is a lifetime experience, don’t miss it!”
—Lena Li, Alumna & Certified Sherry Wine Educator

“I am very excited to be learning under a Master of Wine. Ms. Jeannie Cho Lee’s insights into Asian taste characteristics as well as the pairing of Asian food and wine are unique and inspiring.”
—Jason Willis, Alumnus & Business Development Manager – Education and Asia, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

“What attracted me most to the program was its prestige and rigor. And, most importantly, the acclaimed reputation of the SHTM. That’s how I made my decision.”
—Joao Adriano De Melo Pires, Alumnus & Director, Wine, Melco Resorts & Entertainment

“This program offers many opportunities for students to reach out, such as the exchange program in Bordeaux and the field trips to wineries and vineyards in other countries.”
—Sandy So, Current Student

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