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Napa Valley College’s Viticulture & Winery Technology Program

In the world-famous Napa Valley, you can train for a career in the wine industry at Napa Valley College. Courses prepare students for entry-level positions and help current industry employees to advance in their careers. Based on a core of viticulture and wine-making classes, the program offers a variety of options for careers in the industry. Students learn to apply viticulture and winemaking theory for decision-making in actual production situations. College facilities include classroom and laboratory buildings, vineyards, and a teaching winery. All program instructors are experienced wine industry professionals.

The Napa Valley College Teaching Winery was the first bonded winery in the California Community College System, and we released our inaugural 2008 vintage in the spring of 2009. Through the support of the college, and the local business community, Napa Valley College has built a state-of-the-art program where students can explore all aspects of the industry.

Program Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of grape production.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of common wine styles and the annual cycle of winemaking.
  • Display knowledge of the elements of marketing and selling wines.
  • Display an understanding of world wine styles, major production regions, and the fundamentals of wine sensory evaluation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to meet applicable federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.
  • Display an understanding of the skills needed to research topics related to the wine industry.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze research; develop, write, and present a strategic plan for the individual elements of the wine industry, including viticulture, winemaking, and marketing and sales.
  • Display an understanding of interpersonal relations in professional settings.
  • Display an understanding of professional skills that meet the accepted standards of the wine industry.
Industry Career Opportunities

Viticulture and winery technology students and graduates can be found working in well-paid and interesting positions throughout the wine industry. Prospects for employment are excellent.


Information about Napa Valley College’s courses for transfer to four-year institutions may be obtained from the Counseling Department.

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  • Viticulture and Enology Certificate
  • Wine Marketing and Sales Certificate
  • AAS in Viticulture
  • AAS in Wine Marketing and Sales
  • AAS in Winemaking

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