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Department of Horticultural Sciences, Enology Certificate

The Enology Certificate, offered by the Department of Horticultural Sciences, is designed to provide a knowledge base to those individuals who have an interest in pursuing a career that involves the wine industry.


The program is comprised of 15 credit hours of coursework. 9 hours out of the 15 are from Horticulture courses with Organic Chemistry and a Sensory Evaluation course rounding out the 15 required hours. Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be admitted into the program.

The courses listed below constitute the 15 hours required for a minor in Horticulture:

  • (3 credit hours) HORT 416 Understanding Wine: From Vines to Wines and Beyond OR (3 credit hours) HORT 420 Concepts of Wine Production
  • (3 credit hours) HORT 419 Viticulture and Small Fruit Culture OR (3 credit hours) HORT 319 Fruit and Nut Production
  • (3 credit hours) HORT 421 Enology
  • (3 credit hours) CHEM 222 Elements of Organic and Biological Chemistry
  • (3 credit hours) FSTC 487 Sensory Evaluation of Foods OR (3 credit hours) ANSC 487 Sensory Evaluation of Foods

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a degree program at Texas A&M University, and if required, have permission from their departmental advisor to apply for the program. Any major at Texas A&M University can apply. An overall Texas A&M University GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for acceptance into the program. *If there is an excess in applications, preference will be given to HORT majors, then minors, and PEMC students.

Satisfactory completion of courses

To be awarded the Certificate in Enology, students must be accepted into the program and complete the required courses.


Per University guidelines, the student’s home college or major department is responsible for advising students pursuing a Certificate in Enology. Students may visit the Undergraduate Advising office in HFSB 204 if they have questions about course content.

Steps to take to declare for the Certificate in Enology

1. Meet with your departmental academic advisor to discuss certificate options and how these courses may apply to your specific degree plan.
2. You may wish to meet with an academic advisor from the Horticulture Department to discuss courses and proper course sequence.
3. You will officially apply for the certificate using the following link. Once approved, you will receive an email from the department stating you have been accepted into the minor.

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